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U型橡胶止水带接头必须粘接良好,不应采用不加处理的“搭接”。 在U型橡胶止水带产品在运时,应避免阳光直射,勿与热源、油类及有害溶剂接触。成品应取直平放,勿加重压。存放场所最好保持-10+30,相对湿度在40%80%。

U type rubber sealing strip bonding joints must be good, should not be used without overlapping processing "". In the U rubber water stop belt products, avoid direct sunlight, not contact with heat source, oil and harmful solvents. The finished product should be straight and flat, without heavy pressure. For the best places to maintain -10+30, relative humidity in 40%80%.
Inspection of joint of U rubber water stop strip
(1) the joint inspection on pressure stubble under the direction of U type rubber sealing strip, the direction should be to smooth drainage, water will be led to the right direction, namely the upper U type rubber sealing strip near the surrounding rock, lower water stop belt near the tunnel lining.
(2) the joint strength check: tear joint hand.
(3)观察接头强度和表面打毛情况,接头外观应平整光洁。抗拉伸强度不低于母材的 80;不合格时重新焊接或粘接。

(3) to observe the joint strength and surface roughening, joint appearance should be smooth. The tensile strength of not less than 80 of that of the base material; unqualified re welding or bonding.


Product features of U rubber water stop belt:
1. U型止水带 适用范围广.
1. U type water stop belt has wide application range
2. U型橡胶止水带安装方便简洁.
2. U rubber water stop is easy to install and simple
3. U型止水带有利于后期渗漏处理.
3. U type water seal is beneficial to leakage treatment in later stage
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Our company has advanced production equipment, complete inspection means, strong technical force, the factory was named by the Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau "product quality qualified unit", and passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. ,
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The enterprise to the "credibility first, quality first, perfect service" as the principle of quality policy: relying on perfect service market, with high-quality products to repay the society quality target: the pass rate is 100% and the sampling qualified rate of more than 98%.
The factory is to establish a modern enterprise system, establish and perfect the reasonable legal corporate governance structure as the goal, to provide users with high-quality products and perfect service for the purpose, toward large-scale, scientific, modern and professional direction.